Rehabilitation of a protected building for cultural uses, children's theatre. Madrid. 2011

The first case of  mixed geothermal ground to water and ground to air  exchangers built in an existing building in the context of a project of integral rehabilitation in urban area.  

  • Rehabilitation restricted to the space of the building requires integration and overlap of both geothermal Exchange System
  • It's a public building for cultural uses and a children theatre  with a huge demand of quality in the air and heating and cooling 
  • The geothermal resource is the main bioclimatic resource building conditioned by its architectural protection and a relationship with the surroundings conditioned. 


Building typology:

  • Trapezoidal layout (85.9 x 23.1 x 86.2 x 30.9m)
  • Industrial typology saw-tooth shaped roof with its original metal structure and pillars 

Teatro Daoiz y Velarde

Construction works:

  • Integral building restoration respecting its outer shell, because its façade is protected
  • Intervention: structure, roof and installations 
  • Recovery of all façades 
  • Geothermal system based on vertical and ground-air exchangers, and inertial slabs as efficient installation of air conditioning and refrigeration.

Building Promoter 
Área de Gobierno de las Artes. Dirección General de Infraestructuras Culturales
Rafael de la Hoz
Construction Co.
Fernández Molina, Obras y Servicios