Office mansion renovation

Madrid 2011. Calle Manuel Silvela, 4

The renovation project maintained the front of the building and the supporting walls, demolishing the existing structure, which did not comply the requirements of the project. The construction of a compact automated parking system under the building required a screen wall of piles, 45 of which employed as part of the geothermal exchange. The remaining part consisted of 14 vertical exchangers at a depth of 150m. 

The project is a model of Energy

Efficient Renovation, the first in Spain to include an air conditioning system based on capturing geothermal energy, employing the building’s horizontal structure as a thermoactive device for cooling and heating. 

Buiding Promoter

Ministerio de Economía y Hacienda, Dirección General del Patrimonio y el Estado 
Ignacio Mendaro Corsini, Daniel Ochoa
Construction Co.
Fernández Molina, Obras y Servicios